… four, here we are in a few words:

Alexandra is a chef at home and loves to make and discover her cuisine in inventiveness.

Delphine is passionate about flowers and a true artist in her field. Her creativity has no limits.

Bruno is passionate about wines, especially organic and nature, a nugget finder who will share his passion for his latest discoveries.

Marie loves to discover new places and make you travel, from Paris to the whole world. And always elegantly.

EVENTISSIMO was born in Paris, from a simple idea, one winter morning. Around a table, several craftsmen of taste, dream, pleasure, animated by the desire to propose the unique, the never seen, and to facilitate access.

A few minutes were enough for us to become ONE while remaining SEVERAL.

A single point of contact that gives you simplified access to all components of a successful event. Yours, unique, tailor-made.

EVENTISSIMO is an attentive ear, listening to you and responding to your desires.

Dare to dream brightly and in colour.

The place and the atmosphere are magical. Approach and breathe our intoxicating floral creations, let yourself be tempted by our buffets covered with dishes as beautiful as succulent, raise your glass filled with fines bubbles and charming wines.